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COA Lab Results for Angel’s Hemp™

If you are searching for Angel’s Hemp CBD “COA” (Certificate of Analysis) and results from our testing, we have compiled these results for you in sections based on the type of CBD oil and who it treats.

CBD Oil Testing for  Angel’s Hemp .

CBD Oil Testing for Angel’s Hemp.

A Certificate of Analysis is conducted in a nationally-registered laboratory that tests substances to determine whether or not the chemical profile is precise, and whether the product is deemed safe for consumption.

Note: even with these COA results, we highly recommend that you consult your physician or veterinarian to make sure that the product is safe for your consumption.

As always, and especially if you are pregnant or nursing, do not consume any of our products.

Read the full terms and conditions before purchasing: Angel’s Hemp Terms, Warnings and Conditions.

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Click on the following COA lab results to see what’s inside your bottle of Angel’s Hemp CBD Oil:

CBD Oil for Pain Relief (Humans) (Vanilla-flavored)

CBD Oil for Dogs (Bacon-flavored)

CBD Oil for Cats (Natural flavored)


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